Mobile Calculi based on Domains

IMC: Flexible Communication Support for Implementing Mobile Process Calculi

M. Lacoste


Existing implementations of distributed process calculi exhibit a wide diversity of communication protocols and interaction semantics between locations. Thus, a core framework, such as IMC (Implementing Mobile Calculi), aiming to provide the programmer with a toolbox to build implementations of new process calculi, should be flexible enough to support multiple marshalling strategies, while being minimal to enable an easy introduction of new communication protocols. In this paper, we report on the IMC Protocol Management Framework, a Java class library which allows to define customized protocol stacks by composing micro-protocols in a flexible manner. We describe in detail both its interfaces and mechanisms, focusing on the TCP/IP layer, which constitutes the network interface of most protocols stacks used in existing process calculi implementations. In particular, we illustrate how new protocols can be introduced with IMC, by showing the protocol and session objects involved, and by describing the path followed by messages within a protocol stack.

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