Mobile Calculi based on Domains

A Distributed Virtual Machine for Programming Mobile Processes

M. Lacoste


Building reliable distributed infrastructures for programming on wide-area networks is hampered by: a lack of reference point for programming constructs; and a divergence between principles and practice of distributed programming. This dissertation investigates the notion of domain as a possible founding abstraction for global computing. A domain offers a uniform view of partitions occuring in large distributed systems. We show the notion of domain is directly implementable, using a simple methodology to build reliable domain-based infrastructures. Formalization consists in the following refinement steps: formal model of distributed computation > formal specification > implementation. We apply this methodology to a domain-based model of distributed computation, the M-calculus: we define a distributed abstract machine and a virtual machine for the M-calculus. A qualitative evaluation shows the effectiveness of the proposed approach to building reliable distributed infrastructures.

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