Mobile Calculi based on Domains

Information Society Technologies , Future and Emerging Technologies
Global Computing, Contract IST-2001-32222


The goal of MIKADO is to construct a new formal programming model, based upon the notion of domain as a computing concept, which supports reliable, distributed mobile computation, and provides the mathematical basis for a secure standard for distributed computing in open systems.

Specifically, MIKADO intends:


The project is organised around three themes: core programming model, specification and analysis, and virtual machine technologies and language support.

The core programming model for global computing will be based on the notion of domain. The specification and analysis techniques for the programming model will range from type systems and static analysis techniques for expressing constraints on concurrency, mobility, and resource access for the underlying execution model, to proof techniques for assuring that mobile code, and more generally distributed systems, conform to predefined behavioural specifications. The latter will require the definition of novel co-inductive techniques to compare the distributed behaviour of systems and the elaboration of new specification logics for expressing interesting partial views of systems and programming paradigms. The virtual machine technologies and language support will embody the MIKADO programming model in concrete programming technologies. We will develop several prototypes, including: virtual machine technology supporting the programming model together with typing schemes; language features and language extensions supporting the programming model and the type systems.

Expected Results

The clusters Mikado belongs to

Global Computing Initiative, Clustering of projects and joint activities (pdf, 21 kBytes).

Analysis of Systems
Includes the following projects.
Dart: Dynamic assembly and reconfiguration
MRG: Mobile resources guarantees
MyThs: Models and types for security
Profundis: Proofs of functionality
Secure: Secure environment for collaboration
Mikado: Mobile calculi based on domains
Languages and Programming Environments
Includes the following projects.
Agile: Architectures for mobility
Pepito: Peer-to-peer implementation and theory
Degas: Design environments for global applications
Mikado: Mobile calculi based on domains

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