Mobile Calculi based on Domains


Entire bibtex file

Number Title Month Format Size (kB)
D4.1 The Mikado Global Computing Project: An executive presentation 3 pdf 153
D1.1.1 Analysis of formal models of distribution and mobility: state of the art. 6 pdf 345
D2.1.1 Type systems and static analysis for mobile and distributed computing: state of the art 6 pdf 49
D3.1.1 Analysis of distributed execution structures: state of the art 6 pdf 299
D4.2 Dissemination and use plan 6 pdf 123
D1.1.2 Requirements for a programming model for global computing 9 pdf 98
D4.3 Self-Evaluation Plan 9 pdf 35
D1.2.0 Core programming model, release 0 12 pdf 146
D2.1.0 Flat Net Architectures for Global Computing Systems: Types and Behaviour 12 pdf 182
D3.1.0 Virtual machine technology : Core software framework, v0 12 pdf 209
D4.4 Annual project report Year 1 12 pdf 158
D4.5 Dissemination and Evaluation report: Year 1 12 pdf 158
D1.2.1 A parametric model of migration and mobility, release 1 21 pdf 126
D2.1.2 Type systems for Mikado inspired mobility and security programming concepts 21 ps 4449
D2.2.1 Co-inductive proof techniques 21 pdf 3180
D1.3.1 Study of alternate distributed models, release 1 24 pdf 6911
D2.1.3 Resource policies expressed and checked as type systems 24 ps 5861
D2.3.1 Modal and temporal logics for distributed behaviour 24 pdf 4866
D3.1.2 Towards MIKADO Abstract Machines 24 pdf 1356
D4.6 and D4.7 Progress, Dissemination and Evaluation Report (Y2) 24 pdf 131
D2.2.2 Proof methodologies in a distributed setting 30 pdf 2145
D3.2.1 Languages experiments v1: Simple calculi as programming language 30 pdf 279
D1.2.2 An instance of the MIKADO migration model 36 pdf 117
D1.3.2 Study of Alternate Distributed Models, release 2 36 pdf 13222
D2.1.4 Type systems for open networks, using the Mikado core programming models 36 pdf 417
D2.3.2 System Behaviour and Reasoning in the Presence of Failure 36 pdf 1030
D3.1.3 Virtual machine technology: Core software framework, v2 36 pdf 130
D3.2.2 Languages experiments v2: Programming features and their implementation 36 pdf 2154
D4.10 Final project report 36  
D4.11 Technology implementation plan 36  
D4.8 Annual project report: Year 3 36  
D4.9 Dissemination and Evaluation report: Year 3 36  

The deliverable list can be found at page 30 of the Technical Annex (revision 17/11/2004).

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