Mobile Calculi based on Domains

\textsc{O'Klaim}: a coordination language with mobile mixins

L. Bettini and V. Bono and B. Venneri


This paper presents O'Klaim{} (Object-Oriented Klaim), a linguistic extension of the higher-order calculus for mobile processes Klaim with object-oriented features. Processes interact by an asynchronous communication model: they can distribute and retrieve resources, sometimes structured as incomplete classes, i.e., mixins, to and from distributed tuple spaces. This mechanism is coordinated by providing a subtyping relation on classes and mixins, which become polymorphic items during communication. We propose a static typing system for: $(i)$ checking locally each process in its own locality; $(ii)$ decorating object-oriented code that is sent to remote sites with its type. This way, tuples can be dynamically retrieved only if they match by subtyping with the expected type. If this pattern matching succeeds, the retrieved code can be composed with local code, dynamically and automatically, in a type-safe way. Thus a global safety condition is guaranteed without requiring any additional information on the local reconfiguration of local and foreign code, and, in particular, without any further type checking. Finally, we present main issues concerning the implementation of O'Klaim.

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