Mobile Calculi based on Domains

Presentations at project meetings

Title Authors Format Size (kB)
Kick-off meeting, Sophia-Antipolis, 19-20 February 2002
Project management JB Stefani pdf 74
M-calculus, the calculus with domains of the MARVEL project JB Stefani pdf 366
A fully-abstract model for higher-order mobile ambients M. Coppo, M. Dezani pdf 75
Virtual machines for process calculi V. Vasconcelos, L. Lopes, F. Silva pdf 76
Some directions of research for MIKADO: from security issues to security domains M. Lacoste pdf 167
kappa-VM: a virtual machine for a domain-oriented calculus M. Lacoste, F. Germain pdf 937
The kappa calculus M. Lacoste ps 122
The kappa abstract machine M. Lacoste ps 269
A distributed extension for the kappa virtual machine M. Lacoste ps 173
Research directions for MIKADO F. Germain pdf 147
Progress meeting, Lisbon, 20-21 June 2002
Notes for state of the art report on type systems and static analysis for distributed programming languages J. Rathke pdf 50
Requirements for a global computing programming model JB Stefani pdf 80
Recursion in the call-by-value lambda-calculus G. Boudol, P. Zimmer ps.gz 148
The impact of linearity information on the performance of TyCO V. Vasconcelos, F. Martins, L. Lopes pdf 144
Plenary workshop, Florence, 5-6 December 2002
Resource access control with dynamic privileges acquisition of rights D. Gorla, R. Pugliese pdf 138
An abstract machine for a higher-order distributed process calculus F. Germain, M. Lacoste, JB Stefani pdf 422
Wagon: walls and agents in ambients X. Guan pdf 121
Programming Environments, Languages, Security and Analysis of Systems, Trento, 9-14 February 2003
Mikado: Mobile calculi based on domains J. B. Stefani pdf 60
X-Klaim and Klava: Programming Object-Oriented Mobile Code in Open Nets L. Bettini pdf 7381
Typing migration-control in lsd-pi F. Martins pdf 661
The Internals of Distributed TyCO L. Lopes pdf 87
Mikado workshop, Torino, 24-25 January 2005
Relative expressiveness of a stack of Klaims R. Pugliese pdf 916
MiKO-Mikado Koncurrent Objects L. Salvador pdf 174
IMC and its components: Design and Use L. Bettini pdf 551
Miko by Example F. Martins pdf 101

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